SanDisk Ultra Cruzer Titanium Plus Flash Drive Automatically Backs Up Your Files Online

SanDisk Cruzer Titanium Plus 4GB USB Flash Drive (Image courtesy SanDisk)
By Andrew Liszewski

USB flash drives have kept the ‘sneaker net’ alive and well, but over the years larger capacities and smaller form factors have made losing your data a lot easier. So to combat this problem the SanDisk Ultra Cruzer Titanium Plus flash drive will automatically backup the drive’s contents to a remote server whenever it’s connected to a computer that has internet access. SanDisk has apparently partnered with a company called BeInSync and has built their online backup software into the flash drive which protects your files with 256-bit SSL encryption. You’ll also need to login to the company’s website in order to download your files.

I actually think it’s a pretty good idea, though I have to wonder how long it takes to copy 4GB worth of data to a remote server, given most ISPs have slower upload speeds. According to Crave, the files are actually compressed to save space, but it could still take quite a while. The other downside is that in addition to the Titanium’s $49.99 price tag, you’ll have to pay a $29/year fee to backup your data once the included 6-month free trial ends.

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