Sandisk Shows Off Their USB Bling

Sandisk USB Necklace

By Luke Anderson

If I told you that there were a ton of USB flash drives on the market, it would be a great understatement. It seems that everyone and their brother has a great idea for a cool-looking drive. Unfortunately this leads to many drives being sold that are well, ugly. Then again ugly to one is beautiful to another. Here’s an interesting USB necklace that I just can’t make up my mind about.

This interesting necklace from Sandisk is a hand-made gold pendant (sorry, we don’t know how many carats the gold is) with an Onyx center and a tiny diamond (again, no carat information). The diamond marks the handle which you’ll use to pull out the flash drive. The drive itself will contain somewhere between 4 and 12GB of storage. As for the price, it was apparently too high for them to mention at the show.

[ Sandisk ] VIA [ DVICE ]

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  1. I would definetly put GadgetTrak on this sucker in case someone stole it, it would phone back to me. That is if I even bought one of these in the first place…

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