Samsung TL9 Digicam With Analog Gauges

Samsung TL9

By Evan Ackerman

Yawn, it’s another addition to the gaggle of sort of new, sort of interesting 10 megapixel compact digital cameras. And it’s from Samsung, so you know it can’t be that spectacular. But the little TL9 does have a rather unique feature: a pair of analog gauges to show you how much memory and battery life you’ve got. Does it make a jot of difference? Not really… But… I like them. It’s sort of refreshing, I think, to see analog displays on something so definably digital. I guess it’s worth noting that neither memory nor battery life are especially analog in nature, and I assume that there’s a secondary megabytes and minutes display on the LCD. Otherwise, nothing else on the camera will surprise you: 10mpx, 2.7 inch LCD, 5x optical zoom, face/smile/blink/UFO detection, MP3 compatibility (?), and dual image stabilization. $280ish this fall.

Samsung TL9

So anyhow, I think it’s a nice touch, even if there’s no way it’ll convince me to buy a digital camera from Samsung. I’d much rather buy their rocks, instead.

VIA [ Gizmodo ]