Samsung SM30/Duplus+ Wireless Mouse

Samsung SM30/Duplus+ (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

If a compact size is more important to you than ergonomics when it comes to a laptop mouse, then the oddly named SM30/Duplus+ from Samsung will be right up your alley. The rectangular design seems to come from the fact that the mouse can also be used as a handheld remote for slide presentations, and it even manages to squeeze a small laser in the tip for all your pointing needs.

The relatively small wireless dongle connects to one of your laptop’s USB ports, but can also be stowed inside the mouse when not in use. I like the scroll wheel that reminds me of the physical wheel used on the original iPod, but I’m not sure what you press for the left and right buttons when using this thing as a mouse.

As far as I can tell the SM30/Duplus+ has only been released in Korea at this time, but I have no idea what the price is or if this will ever see the light of day in other markets.

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