Samsung MV800 (Image courtesy Samsung)

Samsung MV800 Features A Multi-functional Flip-up LCD Touchscreen Display

Samsung MV800 (Image courtesy Samsung)
By Andrew Liszewski

When it comes to compact P&S digital cameras it’s not easy to innovate. Sure, you can make it smarter, cram a bigger sensor in there and generally improve the specs year after year. But improving the form factor isn’t as easy when your goal is to make something compact and easy to pocket. Samsung, however, has come up with a simple but very useful improvement on their new MV800 P&S. The massive 3-inch capacitive touchscreen display on the back can be flipped up 180 degrees making it easier to take photos from low-angles as well as self-shots. It also serves as a handy support or makeshift tripod if you want to prop the camera up somewhere.

The 16.1MP snapper also features 5X optical zoom, dual image stabilization and a host of software based features like filters, easy panoramas, photo touch-ups and effects, faux 3D and in-camera cropping. Oddly enough it seems to use microSD/SDHC cards instead of the far more common SD/SDHC, most likely to help shrink the camera’s body. So keep that in mind if you were hoping to use the mountain of SD cards you’ve collected over the years. Available soonish, most likely well before the holiday shopping season, for $279.99.

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