Samsung Dual Multimedia Display

Samsung 2263DX (Images courtesy Samsung)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m kind of sitting on the fence when it comes to how useful this Dual Multimedia Display from Samsung really is. The primary display is a 22-inch LCD with a resolution of 1680×1050, while the secondary display is a tiny 7-inch LCD with a resolution of just 800×480. So in a way, it’s like having an Asus EEE attached to the side of your monitor. The secondary display relies on a USB UbiSync connection and is attached to the back of the primary display with an articulating arm allowing it to be moved to any side. (Except the bottom.) It can even be completely removed from the arm, and used as a standalone monitor.

The smaller display is supposed to be used for applications like instant messengers, media players or email apps that you want to continuously monitor, but don’t want cluttering your main work display. But with a price tag of around $550, you’d be better off investing in 2 slightly smaller displays if you have the desk real estate.

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