Samsung Announces The World’s First Portable 3D Blu-ray Player – Kind Of

Samsung BD-C8000 (Image courtesy Samsung)
By Andrew Liszewski

Yesterday Samsung announced their BD-C8000 which is technically the world’s first portable Blu-ray player. It comes with a hefty 10.3-inch LCD display that’s actually 1080P capable, as well as built-in wi-fi which provides access to the small library of Samsung Apps, HDMI out and a 3-hour battery. However, don’t get too excited about enjoying 3D content on your next flight, since it only provides a 3D experience when connected to a 3DTV. By itself it’s just a regular old portable Blu-ray player. So given the fact that 3DTVs aren’t exactly everywhere yet, let alone a hotel room where you’d probably be most likely to use this, the $499.95 price tag, available now, is a bit steep.

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