Salter Nutrition Scale

Salter Nutrition Scale (Image courtesy Metro Kitchen)By Andrew Liszewski

A healthy diet is unfortunately not always the easiest way to eat. Reading labels and keeping track of portions can often be enough of a hassle to lead to bad eating habits. This kitchen food scale from Salter accurately and easily calculates the nutritional information of the food you’re preparing so you don’t have to.

It analyzes the nutritional content of your food by portion size and weight and and will then calculate total calories, protein, carbohydrates, sugars, fat, fiber, sodium, cholestrol, net carbohydrates and GI value displaying this information on its large LCD screen. The scale’s database contains nutritional data for over 1440 foods and liquids and can store an additional 100 items of your choice. It can also keep track of what and how much you’ve eaten throughout the day (given you weigh every single item) and whether or not you’re achieving preset dietary goals. And it runs on a single 9V battery.

The Salter Nutrition Scale can be found at Metro Kitchen for $99.

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