Salient V-Mouse Works Like A Stylus

Salient V-Mouse VM-203 (Image courtesy Salient Technology)By Andrew Liszewski

The V-Mouse series from Salient Technology takes all the functionality of a standard mouse and puts it in a vertical configuration so that it’s held and used like a stylus. But unlike with Wacom products where the stylus is detected through the tablet the V-Mouse uses a laser and sensor on the flat tip like an optical mouse does. So you kind of need to slide it around on your desk at all times in order for it to function. It is wireless though working on the 2.4GHz frequency and boasts 1,000 dpi resolution which is important when working with graphics and other precise applications.

While I doubt the company is going to sway any loyal Wacom users I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who are more familiar and comfortable with using a pen over a mouse. Of course given most kids these days know how to use a mouse before they even learn to print the V-Mouse is probably going to find its market in an older age group.

The VM-203 version of the V-Mouse which is aimed at the designer crowd is available now for about $70.

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