Saitek’s New Cyborg Gaming Keyboard Lets You Assign Colors To Key Zones

Saitek’s New Cyborg Gaming Keyboard Lets You Assign Colors To Key Zones

Saitek Cyborg

By Luke Anderson

A keyboard is a keyboard, right? If you’re the average PC user, then for the most part, yes. However, if you are a hardcore PC gamer, the right keyboard can make all the difference. While fancy buttons and layouts are essential, it doesn’t hurt to have one that stands out just a bit. That’s why I’ve taken a liking to this new Saitek Cyborg.

I use a gaming keyboard from Ideazon which I love. My favorite feature is the ability to have backlit keys in my choice of three colors. The backlit keys are pretty much all-or-nothing, whereas the new Cyborg breaks up your keys into a few different zones like your WASD buttons and your number pad. What this does is allow you to assign different colors to each zone. They also put metal plating over the WASD, space bar and arrow keys to make them really stand out.

You also get a few programmable buttons for various commands and macros within your game of choice. In all, this seems like a pretty cool choice for gamers. You’ll be able to pick one up in March for around $80.

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4 thoughts on “Saitek’s New Cyborg Gaming Keyboard Lets You Assign Colors To Key Zones”

  1. so close yet so far
    it’s a pitty that they didnt give all of the keys the ability to change colour – not all games or gamers use the WSAD set up. Plus what about all of the other buttons used in games. You could use a profile manager so it remembers what keys it should light up and with which colour. Then it would be almost like having that Optimus thingo keyboard but for 10% of its cost haha 🙂

  2. Indeed, I’m an ESDF player. However, that’s kinda besides the point, if you have been playing any FPS for more than 15 mins, and are unable to find your forward key and spacebar without looking down, you have problems that backlighting and metal covered keys won’t fix…

    Seriously, it’s a bling accessory for posers to take to LANs. Nothing more. In any twitch game, the time spent looking down probably = you’re dead anyway.

  3. I do think that having the WASD keys covered in a metal coating would help one easily find them without looking down. I think that may be what appeals to some of the more hardcore FPS players.

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