Sabertron: A Foam Sword With Electronic Scoring


Sword fighting over the last few thousand years has had the unfortunate tendency to leave one of the opponents somewhat dead. In today’s more civilized society, death during swordplay is often avoided through the use of, well, non-lethal swords. Sadly, these are analogue affairs, leaving you to decide amongst yourselves who scores how many hits, and opening the door to the cheat who won’t admit to losing. Sabertron is a foam sword that introduces a digital component, one that should help you determine a victor more accurately. Outfitted with sensors, it knows when a hit has been blocked, and when it’s made contact with a soft body. Hit that soft flesh often enough, and you can walk away victorious. Perfect for those long Larping sessions, a $99 pledge will get you a pair, while more money buys more sophisticated “blades”.

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