Sabeco Solar Powered Shaver

Sabeco Solar Powered Shaver

Sabeco Solar Energy Shaver (Image courtesy Vogue-Gifts)By Andrew Liszewski

Personally I find battery powered electric razors to be useless when it comes shaving, they just don’t have enough kick to get the job done. So I have even less confidence that a solar powered version would stand a chance against my barbed-wire-esque stubble.

But I guess if I had just spent a week camping in the woods but had to immediately return to the city for an important business meeting AND it was a sunny day this Solar Energy Shaver could serve as a handy way to make myself look somewhat presentable. Well maybe a stick of solar powered deodorant would help too, and some solar powered breath mints.

The Solar Energy Shaver is available from Vogue-Gifts though I have no idea for how much.

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