Russian Roulette 2 – Easier To Clean Up Afterwards Edition

Russian Roulette 2 (Image courtesy EarlyShop)
By Andrew Liszewski

I kind of wish I’d stumbled across this updated version of Russian Roulette, which features a novelty handgun designed to simply pop-up a balloon, before I threw that Deer Hunter themed birthday party for myself last month. I mean the decorations went over well, but things kind of took a turn for the worse when the games started. On the bright side, there was a lot of birthday cake left over at the end of the night.

Get it from the EarlyShop for about $16 and save yourself the trouble of having to write a bunch of “Thank-you” and “I’m sorry for your loss” cards like I did.

[ Russian Roulette 2 ] VIA [ ALT1040 ]

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