Rugbeer Vending Machine Won’t Dispense Beer Unless You Tackle It

By David Ponce

In a creative marketing gimmick of the same caliber as the Norte Photoblocker or the children hating vending machine, we’ve got news of a vending machine that won’t dispense its wares unless heavily tackled by its would-be patrons. It seems in Salta province in Argentina, rugby is very popular. So is the beer, Cerveza Salta. So to marry the two, the advertising agency created the Rugbeer vending machine. It’s got a “pussy meter” on its side, which measures the force with which you hit it and in the select bars where it was tested, beer sales went up 25%. We think it’s genius because there aren’t many things that will drive beer sales more than a few drunk idiots slamming into stuff.

We don’t suppose this will roll out to anywhere else in the world from there, but like previous such campaigns, we think advertisers worldwide should take note.

[ Cerveza Salta ] VIA [ NewLaunches ]