Rude Gameware Delivers Completely Wireless 360 Headset

Rude Gameware Delivers Completely Wireless 360 Headset


By Chris Scott Barr

One of the reasons I enjoy PC gaming is that you have a lot more choices when it comes to your peripherals. I can pick my keyboard and mouse, or even choose to use a controller for input. If I want to use a headset, I have hundreds on the market to choose from. Unfortunately that’s not the case with console gaming. If I want to chat with my friends on Xbox Live, I’m stuck either using the dinky headset that came with the console, or finding one of the special headsets that is on the market. I’m always on the lookout for new ones, and Rude Gameware has a rather interesting offering.

The new Primal Wireless Xbox 360 headset is one of the very few wireless options that you’ll find. It uses an infrared wireless transmitter to deliver sound up to 25-feet away. The biggest hurdle is always getting the sound from the 360 to your ears. Since most people connect their 360 via an HDMI connection, there is little room to connect your headset between the console and the TV. The Primal Wireless headset gets around this by using the audio output connection from your TV. The mic connects directly to your controller.

This new headset may prove to be an excellent choice, as I know I hate being tied down to an audio cable. The $100 price tag is a little steep, but for a completely wireless solution, may very well be worth it, depending on the quality of the audio.

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