RTI U2 Waterproof Remote

RTI U2 Waterproof Remote

Remote Technologies Inc. U2 Waterproof Remote (Image courtesy Electronic House)By Andrew Liszewski

If you live in one of those fancy-schmancy homes with an indoor swimming pool, hot tub or even toilets then you might appreciate this new universal remote from Remote Technologies Inc. While there are other waterproof remotes on the market they’re usually pretty basic in design and don’t give you all the bells and whistles you might need to control your entertainment center while relaxing in the sauna or bathtub.

So in addition to being completely waterproof the U2 remote as it’s known (I won’t hold that against them) also has all the buttons necessary for accessing your electronics and even an LCD display that can be used for programming custom commands or macros. The remote also uses RF instead of IR with a 100 foot range which basically means you don’t actually need to have a line of sight to your equipment in order to operate it.

The downside though is the U2 remote’s expected pricepoint of around $500. For that kind of money I would just seal up a Philips Pronto remote in a couple of ziploc bags. Now that’s classy!

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