RS1 Xtreme M3 Racing Simulator

RS1 Xtreme M3 Racing Simulator (Images courtesy Texas Sim Racing Inc.)
By Andrew Liszewski

A few weeks ago we brought you this ridiculous F1Showcar Motion Simulator and lamented that the $44,900 investment only included a 19-inch LCD display which would hardly provide a ‘realistic’ driving experience. Instead, we’d have liked to have seen a screen like the one the RS1 Xtreme M3 Simulator from Texas Sim Racing Inc. comes with. Specifics about its actual size aren’t listed on the website, but the display does provide 180 degrees of “immersion screen technology” which works in conjunction with a 3-axis motion actuator system that’s capable of acceleration up to 2G’s. I have to say I completely agree with the company’s slogan, “it doesn’t need to look like one, It only needs to feel like one” though they should also include a bit about it costing like one too, since you’re looking at about $30,000 for this particular setup.

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