RS DR-1 Double Strap Lets You Dual-Wield Cameras Like A Pro


By Chris Scott Barr

Did you ever play cops and robbers as a kid? Well I always thought it would be cool to be the cop that has a pair of pistols hidden beneath his coat. They always had that cool double-holster that kept the guns right up against their sides. Well if you’re a photographer, you can have that same feeling. Only with cameras, and they won’t really fit well under a jacket.

The RS DR-1 Double Strap is probably the most awesome way that you can carry two cameras. If you’re wondering why you would need to dual-wield cameras, this is not a product for you. This is for the serious photographer that doesn’t have time to be switching lenses and settings between shots. It’s also for someone that’s used to spending $130 on accessories for their camera, because that’s exactly how much this will set you back when it’s released next month.

[ BlackRapid ] VIA [ Coolest-Gadgets ]