Rotaliana MultiBook – A Charger, Clock And Lamp Disguised As A Book

Rotaliana MultiBook (Images courtesy Rotaliana)
By Andrew Liszewski

The MultiBook is from the same people who originally brought us the MultiPot charging station a few years back, but this new version adds a bit more functionality. Instead of a pot, the MultiBook is designed to look like an ordinary book sitting on your bedside table, that is until you turn it on.

Hidden on the spine of the MultiBook is a red LED clock and calendar that allows it to function as a bedside alarm clock. In addition the ‘pages’ of the book will actually glow with a diffuse white light thanks to 74 LEDs hidden inside. And finally, the lid of the MultiBook opens to reveal spots for three different chargers that allows you to keep the mess of cables hidden when they’re not in use.

It’s currently available from Questo Design for about $222 but only comes in a 220 volt configuration at this time.

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