Rot.Sketch App Turns Your iPhone Into A Twirl-O-Paint

Rot.Sketch App Turns Your iPhone Into A Twirl-O-Paint

Rot.Sketch App (Image courtesy CreativeApplications.Net)
By Andrew Liszewski

Remember the Ohio Art Twirl-O-Paint toy from the 70’s and 80’s? Well this Rot.Sketch app for the iPhone, from developer Jean Helfenstein, pretty much does the same thing, minus the wet paint flung all over your parent’s dining room.

You start by drawing a random design on the screen by swiping with one finger to create a moving point, or with two fingers to create a moving line, and then you literally spin your iPhone or iPod Touch on a flat surface to create the psychedelic digital designs. I’ve included a video below which shows the process, though it’s pretty easy to understand even with a rudimentary grasp of centripetal forces. But because of the flat back design of the iPhone 4G, this could be one of the first apps to only be compatible with the 3G and 3GS because of their spin-friendly curved backs.

The app’s already been submitted to the iTunes App Store and is just awaiting approval, and I imagine it will set you back just a couple of bucks when it’s available.

[ Rot.Sketch – Rotation Sketching iPhone App ] VIA [ CreativeApplications.Net ]

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