RosettaStone Tablet (Images courtesy Objecs)

RosettaStone Tablet Carries On Your Legacy Forever, Or At Least Until Current Technologies Are Outdated

RosettaStone Tablet (Images courtesy Objecs)
By Andrew Liszewski

Since an engraved tombstone can only say so much, those who believe the world will really miss them once they’re gone can opt for a slightly more advanced memorial with this RosettaStone Tablet. It can be installed on new or pre-existing gravestones, and provides a sort of mini-Wikipedia page about the person, highlighting their life’s accomplishments, their genealogy, or really anything they want to share with future generations. As long as their legacy is no longer than 1,000 words and doesn’t include more than a single photo.

Your posthumous profile can be accessed in one of three ways using a smartphone: over wifi, via NFC-RFID technology or using image recognition software to just snap a pic of the tablet. But all 3 ways are essentially just accessing a web address to the profile which is stored in the Wayback Machine’s archive. (Here’s an example.) When ordering you also have the option of including up to 6 symbols carved into your RosettaStone Tablet, highlighting accomplishments in your life. As you can see in the product shot, Nikola Tesla is best remembered for his days spent working at an information booth, as a field medic and as a grave digger. Choose carefully though because there’s a chance the internet may not exist as we know it in another 20 years and these symbols could end up being your lasting legacy, particularly since the solid black granite tablet will last somewhere in the neighborhood of 3,200 years.

And at the moment the RosettaStone Tablet is on sale for just $191. So you’ll want to act fast, not only because you’ll save around 34 bucks, but who knows what legacy you’ll leave behind were you to meet your demise in the very near future.

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