Ron Patrick’s Jet Powered Scooter

scooter with jet engine

By David Ponce

Ladies, be careful what you wish for. And if you happen to be Jon Patrick’s better half, you have to be extra careful. See, Jon Patrick is the man who became “Blogfamous” for building a street-legal, jet-engine powered Wolkswagen Beetle. So, when his lady told him she’d like for her scooter to go a little faster than 40mph, his obvious solution was to strap two JFS 100 jet engines he seemed to have lying around.

Engines are 50 lbm each so weight is an issue. Will probably use air-start with a carbon fiber tank of compressed air. That saves weight since batteries will then not be needed.

Looks cool from the top. Will want to make aluminum housings to go over the engines just like on a DC-9. ?

At the moment, his project is just starting out, so the two-wheeled monster is not yet functional, though we have no doubt that we’ll soon be hearing from him again.

Come inside for a couple more pictures and some links.

jet engine scooter

jet engine scooter

[Ron Patrick’s Website] VIA [Hacked Gadgets]

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  3. Does this thing still needs wheels? Removing them may help to balance, especially if the hairdryers boost is not perfectly matched. Web glory can make you do crazy things…

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