Romain Jerome’s ‘The Truth About Roswell’ Watch

Romain Jerome 'The Truth About Roswell' Watch (Image courtesy Romain Jerome)
By Andrew Liszewski

Looks like Romain Jerome’s got a new addition to their Moon Dust-DNA line with this model confusingly called “The Truth About Roswell.” What truth is supposed to be revealed here exactly? That aliens have mastered intergalactic space travel (minus the landing part) but have absolutely no taste when it comes to watch design?

Like previous watches in the Moon Dust-DNA line, ‘The Truth’ features a dial with actual Moon dust and has an alligator leather strap that’s partly woven with fibers from a spacesuit from the International Space Station. But it also includes titanium and steel fragments from the Apollo XI spacecraft in the bezel, as well as rusted steel melted with fragments of the Soyuz spacecraft.

This particular model is limited to just 9 pieces, which will probably put the price tag well above the $15,000 that Romain Jerome was asking for the previous Moon Dust-DNA watch.

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