Rolling Fireplace Seems Like An All Around Safe Idea

Roll Fire (Images courtesy Trendir)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m going to assume this ethanol fueled rolling fireplace from Conmoto isn’t actually designed to be rolled while there’s a roaring fire inside. But even if someone does get the bright idea to send it sailing across a room while there’s a fire burning, a set of glass panels on either side will prevent the worst from happening should it topple over.

[ Conmoto ] VIA [ Trendir ]

10 thoughts on “Rolling Fireplace Seems Like An All Around Safe Idea”

  1. This would be perfect for recreating the shot in Terminator 2 where the flaming tire comes rolling out of the wreckage of the semi truck in the water canal.

    Conmoto also sells a floor stand for this fire wheel for 200 Euros that doubles as a wall hanger.

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