Rokform Rokstand (Images courtesy Rokform)

Rokform’s Rokstand – $169 Seems Pretty Reasonable For An iPhone Stand Right?

Rokform Rokstand (Images courtesy Rokform)
By Andrew Liszewski

Listen, I don’t want my iPhone falling over when propped up as much as the next guy. But spending $169 on a “mechanical piece of art” (as it’s called) is a tough sell when a piece of paper and some Origami skills can be just as effective at holding up your phone. But who am I to tell you how to foolishly spend your money?

I won’t deny that the Rokstand looks plenty modern and high-tech, because it certainly does. It’s CNC machined from aluminum with an anodized finish and features six angles of adjustment with “precision high speed bearing and cam adjustment” to withstand the rigors of being ever so slightly adjusted every few weeks. It’s also got a set of sound enhancing speaker ports so the video or music you’re enjoying is naturally boosted, and it’s available in a small selection of unique colors from pink to chocolate brown.

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