Rokenbok Defenders – Kid Friendly Robot Wars

Rokenbok Defenders (Images courtesy Rokenbok)
By Andrew Liszewski

As kids my siblings and I were mostly fans of building toys but unfortunately the Rokenbok sets hit the scene a little too late for us to enjoy. But it’s clear the Rokenbok RC toys have become quite popular and the company recently introduced a couple of sets that allows kids to hold their own version of robot wars but without the saw blades, flame throwers or Jeremy Clarkson.

The ‘RC Police Defender’ has a flipping arm on the front that can be triggered via the remote allowing you to roll the other guy over. The idea is to knock off your opponent’s flag but I’m sure kids will be more inclined to keep at it until something gets damaged.

The ‘King of the ROK Competition Arena’ is available on the company’s website for $42.99 while the ‘RC Police Defender’ bots are $44.99 each.

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