Rock And Royal Custom Chandeliers Will Really Class Up Your Crib

Rock And Royal Chandeliers (Images courtesy Rock and Royal)
By Andrew Liszewski

Is there really a better way to say “I have millions of dollars and I know how to tastefully spend it” than with a chandelier in your home shaped like a handgun, AK-47, Jolly Roger or giant spider? I didn’t think so. While Rock and Royal is based out of Rotterdam in The Netherlands, they’ve been creating custom chandeliers for clients all over the world since about 2005. Designers Hans van Bentem and Arno Coenen are responsible for the pieces pictured above, but they also do custom tile mosaics which quite frankly are exactly what you’d expect given what some of their chandeliers look like. Since it seems the company only does custom work, there’s no pricing information available on their site, so if you’ve been dreaming of a giant Optimus Prime-shaped chandelier your whole life, you’ll need to contact them directly for a quote.

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