Robot Coupe Bread Slicer – The Best Thing Since Sliced Something

Robot Coupe Bread Slicer (Image courtesy Robot Coupe)
By Andrew Liszewski

While Robot Coupe is actually an entire brand of catering equipment, I don’t think the word ‘robot’ is the best way to describe this automatic bread slicer. Just feed a baguette or similar sized loaf of bread into the vertical feeder and a stainless steel blade will cut anywhere from 180 to 360 slices a minute. You can also vary the thickness of the slices from 8mm up to 80mm for some serious ‘Texas toast’ action.

But the lack of arms and the fact that you have to manually feed this thing baguettes just keeps it out of the robot category for me. However if you own a catering business or sandwich shop this could still be a great replacement for a slow assistant, but all that time you save better be used to sell more sandwiches since the Robot Coupe Bread Slicer has a price tag of about $2,700.

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