Robot Arm = Robot Slave

Robot Arm

By Evan Ackerman

Available from Elekit Japan is a fully programmable and articulated USB robot arm. It has 5 separate motors to control movement including grip, wrist, upper arm, lower arm, and base rotation, and is made of semitransparent plastic with internal lighting so that you can see all of the little whatsits and thingies that make it work. Some assembly (pretty much just a screwdriver) required.

We know David’s been yearning for something like this for a while now. Just imagine the possibilities…

“Robot slave, bring me Cheetos! Robot slave, pour more beer into my mouth!”

Available in a limited edition of 999 in March for just over $80 US… In Japan, of course.

[MR-99 USB Robot Arm] VIA [Akihabara News]

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