RoboStool – Furniture On-Demand

RoboStool (Images courtesy Norris Labs)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m glad there are engineers out there tackling life’s difficult problems, like why I can’t ever find a foot stool when I need one. As the story goes, while being dragged through a Bed Bath and Beyond by his wife, robot builder Steve Norris discovered a tacky foot stool that he felt was just begging to be automated. So he bought it and turned it into the simple looking but surprisingly complex RoboStool. In its ‘resting’ state, RoboStool looks like your average vinyl-covered foot stool, but it can also transform revealing a set of heavy duty wheels and sensors which allow it to autonomously follow you throughout your home. I’ve included a video of the RoboStool in its ‘Follow Me’ mode, and watching this thing roll around Steve’s house makes me wonder if I’m looking at the great-great-great-grandfather of R2-D2. (Astromech Droids had to start somewhere.)

[ RoboStool ] VIA [ MAKE: Blog ]

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