Riya, Photo Sharing With Face Recognition

By David Ponce

Riya is just what Flickr is missing. It’s a photo storing site, just like Flickr, but it incorporates face recognition technology. That way, tagging your pictures becomes much easier.

Think about it… Say you have 10,000 pictures on your hard drive. Family, friends, crazy ex-girlfriends. You really want to identify the people on them one by one? You don’t have to. With this service, you download a program that sifts through all your pictures, looking for faces (they recommend letting it run overnight the first time. Face recognition is very CPU intensive).

Once it’s done finding faces, you have to train it until it’s able to complete the task on its own. In other words, you have to tell it who is who on the pictures the first couple of times. When that’s done, every time it finds a face that you’ve already named, it will automatically tag the picture with the name and upload it to the server.

Sure, it’s probably not %100 accurate, and you’re likely to be tagged as your mother once or twice, but hell, it’s a great idea, and it’s free. Check out Riya. Story VIA Alt1040.

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