Rip Curl H-Bomb Heated Wetsuit

By Evan Ackerman

I got my scuba certification in 36 degree water. It was a miserable experience, and since then I’ve only gone diving in nice warm places like Australia and Fiji. The H-Bomb heated wetsuit opens up all sorts of new suicidal possibilities like surfing in the Arctic. The wetsuit uses two electric fiber heating elements to keep you warm, but there aren’t much more in the way of details. According to one of the testers, “the cold wasn’t even a factor when we were surfing, because the wetsuits are that good. The only time you felt the water is when you got flushed and that actually helped because the water circulated around the wetsuit and helped distribute the heat. It was just like surfing in normal water.” Except for the icebergs and orcas, right?

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