Ring Thing Bottle Opener Saves Teeth, Counter Tops

By Luke Anderson

For being in my mid-20’s, I do an unusually small amount of drinking. I’d rather have a Mountain Dew just about any day of the week. However, for those of you that prefer a frosty brew, here’s something that you can use to impress your friends. I like to think of it as a more discreet version of the bottle opener belt buckle. Rather than announcing to the world that you pound back cold ones faster than you can say brewskie, this bottle opener is concealed on a rather plain-looking ring.

Sure, you could always just press the bottle up to a hard surface and bang down on it, but eventually you’re going to ruin a counter top like that. Then you have the teeth trick, which will result in a losing one of your pearly whites (I have a relative that knows from experience). Rather, you can just pick up one of these discreet $10 stainless steel rings, and magically pop open cold ones with ease.

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4 thoughts on “Ring Thing Bottle Opener Saves Teeth, Counter Tops”

  1. My boyfriend wears one of them. I told him that the cutout looks like Hello Kitty, and he was quite unimpressed. He tried defending it by saying it looked like Batman, but who is he fooling? 😛

  2. Wisdom teeth is a nonsense.
    What to me pleasure of what at me in 25-30 years has grown a teeth without which I already easily manage for a long time?
    Where they were, when I in a youth teeth opened bottles with beer because it was abruptly? When I clicked a teeth nuts?
    And then, why from name “Wisdom teeth” – I that, somehow in another way to chew has learnt? Not how earlier when I was the young fool? Whether business if to years to 30 grew, for example, wisdom fingers! Better, of course, on each hand on the additional index. But on the second big – too it is normal. And then it would be wisdom fingers – because now I precisely know, for what I should seize both hands, to hold strong-strong and never to release. Or from what to wave away – yes, now I know, from what I should wave away very much, sometimes so there is no pair of superfluous fingers on hands that from it to wave away.
    Or here, a wisdom eye. It is necessary certainly, to change the passport by 30 years because you on a forehead had one more eye… Well also I represent, as it will be scratched. When it begins to be cut through – hard, yes. But – what pleasure to look in three eyes at that, on what you could not see enough in both in any way… And points cool can be carried – represent, what turn the fashion industry can make!
    I ask me to excuse, it is simple a teeth strongly are ill

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