Ridiculously Awesome Real-Life Pixelated Excitebike

Real-Life Excitebike (Images courtesy Justin Harder)
By Andrew Liszewski

We’re just going to file this ridiculously amazing real-life version of one of the motorcycles from Excitebike under ‘why ask wky?’ Given the photographs of the bike all appear on the Flickr account of Justin Harder I’m going to assume that’s where credit is due, and based on this ‘making of’ gallery it appears the bike is actually made from MDF mounted over a metal frame instead of just pixels. Of course copious amounts of bonus points are awarded for the creation of a wearable pixelated helmet, safety pads and even a trophy. That’s well above and beyond the call of duty right there.

[ Flickr – Justin Harder – Excitebike ] VIA [ Vision02 ]

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