Ridiculous iPhone Zoom Attachment

Ridiculous iPhone Zoom Attachment

Conice 6x18 Zoom Attachment for iPhone (Images courtesy DealExtreme)
By Andrew Liszewski

For just $14.77 you can turn the crappy digital camera on your iPhone into a crappy digital camera with 6×18 zoom. This lens attachment from Conice includes a clear plastic housing for the iPhone itself, which also serves as a mounting bracket for the lens over the phone’s camera. That way you can easily attach and remove the lens as needed.

Something tells me if your budget allows for an iPhone, you can probably afford a small P&S digital camera as well. Not only will it take far better shots, but it should also include a tripod mount on the bottom, since a zoom lens will amplify any motion in the camera, resulting in blurred shots if you don’t keep it steady. And those hoping to just rely on the iPhone’s camera should also be aware that this lens and its case nearly double the weight of the phone.

[ Conice 6×18 Zoom Attachment for iPhone ] VIA [ technabob ]

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  1. I'm buying one for three reasons. Firstly, I have spent all my money on the iPhone so have none left over for a camera. Secondly, like most iPhone users, I'm an iPhone obsessive who actively wants to do everything with the iPhone. Thirdly, the attachment is now available for less than $12, so it's so cheap that I feel I might as well get it.

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