RIDGID SeeSnake micro Endoscope

RIDGID SeeSnake micro (Image courtesy RIDGID)By Andrew Liszewski

Those weird creaking or scratching sounds you hear at night might not just be your house ‘settling.’ It could be the result of quite a few things from rodent infestation to unseen structural problems. Until now a Sawzall or sledgehammer was the only way to see what was happening inside walls or under floors but the SeeSnake micro provides another solution that’s almost as fun. It’s a handheld endoscope that allows you to peer into areas of your home that were normally inaccessible.

The small camera uses 2 adjustable LED lights and comes attached to a 3 foot cable but that can be increased to up to 30 feet with optional extensions. It feeds a 2.5 inch, 234×160 pixel color LCD screen that is bright enough to be seen in any conditions. And since you really have no idea what you’re going to discover the camera and cable are completely waterproof up to 10 feet when properly assembled. Now keep in mind this is specifically designed as a work tool and should never be used for entertainment or medical purposes, no matter how useful you may think it is.

The RIDGID SeeSnake micro is available online for about $220-$230.

[ RIDGID SeeSnake micro ] VIA [ Popular Mechanics ]

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