Ricoh 500SE Digital Camera To Add Barcode Scanning Functionality

Ricoh 500SE (Image courtesy Ricoh)
By Andrew Liszewski

We first wrote about the Ricoh 500SE last year since the camera seemed to include everything from WiFi to Bluetooth to GPS right out of the box. But it seems that still wasn’t enough functionality for Ricoh since they’re now adding barcode scanning capabilities to the camera as well. The 500SE will support all popular 1D barcodes and the scanned information is automatically embedded into the JPEG files as they’re captured.

What’s particularly cool is that barcodes can either be scanned optically through the camera’s own lens, where software then interprets the data, or with an add-on laser scanning module for facilities requiring a laser scanning solution. The camera is also shock resistant and waterproof making it ideal for industrial use.

The suggested retail price for the 500SE is $899, while the Se-4 laser scanning module is an extra $349.

[ Ricoh Americas Announces Barcode Scanning Digital Camera ] VIA [ Ubergizmo ]