Richard Solo Charger Gives You A Flashlight And Laser Pointer Too


By Chris Scott Barr

Backup batteries for your phone can be great to have when you’re away from an outlet for extended periods. However, when you’re going about your daily life, the charger generally just sits in your bag like a useless lump. This new charger from Richard Solo tries to at least make your spare charger a little more useful when it’s not needed for juicing up your phone.

Sure, a laser pointer and flashlight aren’t the most useful devices in the world, but I always tend to keep a flashlight in my bag. It’s like a towel, you never leave without one. The charger itself is small and sleek, with the ability to charge your iPhone (or Blackberry) one full time, with a bit of juice left over. They’ll include the connector to hook it up to your phone, plus a USB charger, USB car charger and wall charger in the box. The $70 asking price seems reasonable for what you’ll get.

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