RevoPower Turns Your Bike Into A Moped

revopower wheel

By David Ponce

The good folks at RevoPower claim they’re re-inventing the wheel. And, let me tell you, I’m wanting to believe them. Here’s the deal. You take your current bicycle (be it a mountain bike, a cruiser or a commuter bike), you remove the front wheel, and replace it with RevoPower’s. A little wiring here and there, nothing too hard, and you’re set. Then, you go out biking, as usual. But, say you’re growing tired, or you hit a slope and you’re just lazy… well, press a button, and the integrated commercial grade, 23cc two-stroke engine will kick in. You get 1.1 HP or 0.8 KW power output with a maximum rpm 7500 to help you along the way. On a flat surface, the engine will even take you up to speeds of 20mph, with a merciful 200mpg.

Sure, this is pretty much a moped, but the beauty really is that parts have been miniaturized to the point that they can fit within a standard 26 inch bicycle wheel. The entire engine is less than three inches thick! Evidently, the setup adds some weight: about 12 lbs more than a regular wheel, without taking the 3.8 liters of gas it can store into account. But that’s still decent, especially if all you do is commute.

Its targeted price is $400, and will be out in late 2006, or early 2007. Now, if only these guys could re-invent their website, because it’s sadly crapalicious…

[Revo Power] VIA [Uber Review]

Update: Looks like they’re paying attention. The site now, while still Flashified, looks an awful lot better. Good job guys.

55 thoughts on “RevoPower Turns Your Bike Into A Moped”

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  2. “Evidently, the setup adds some weight: about 12 lbs more than a regular wheel” — which means that you’ll be too tired at all to use traditional means (the pedals/cranks) to power the bike anyhow, so it sort of defeats the purpose.

    “On a flat surface, the engine will even take you up to speeds of 20mph, with a merciful 200mpg.” — on a flat surface on my road bike I regularly average 28MPH, so other than fatties and generally people who are out of shape, I cannot see this as something that appeals to the semi-serious cyclist.

    -he who stacks pork

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  6. Howdy, I rode the prototype in Denver last week and it’s peppy and fun. Don’t think of it like a moped or a lazy alternative. You can ride it to work without sweating like crazy = ditch the car.

  7. Well, now its time for an unbreakable bike chain/cable to be invented.

    Who parks a $400+ bike outside the grocery store?

    Ease of installation means ease of un-installation, 30 seconds with a wrench for a 15lb part that is worth $400, a theifs dream.

  8. What a collection of diametrically opposed comments.Since engines or motors for bikes were available, hard core bikers have scoffed at them.For those of us who DO NOT wear the latest $100 tights or ride from coffee shop to coffee shop on Sunday, the innovations in transport are needed.The types of motors have not been lacking. Instead…quality has. As for the 12 pounds, this is nothing compared to the fact that 12 pounds is hardly the difference between my summer weight and my winter weight. The bottom line: If I can pedal the flats and get help up the hills…I will ride more often. As for theft? Many of the bikes I see have a $250 hub/rim/brake disc anyhows. Lock it and watch it I say.

  9. I’ve owned an electric assist bike for several years. the best quality is being able to use sidewalks(as opposed to a Moped). electric is very QUIET, doesn’t scare pedestrians.

  10. I like the easy conversion, but would prefer a nice quiet electric engine. I believe there are some available now that also go 20mph as well.

  11. Revopower claims modern 2-stroke engines can be produced which actually burn more cleanly than the same size engine in a 4-stroke configuration.
    would this be a 4 stroke engine with broken rings Aahahaha ?:? I need proof, it?s virtually impossible- you still have to mix
    And burn Gas and oil together with a 2 stroke engine. If you can build it in a 2 stroke why not 4 ??? I can only go about 15 miles on my 2 stroke gas engine powered Bicycle before I need gas, they don?t sell premixed at the pump

  12. I saw this in Popular Science today and went to there web page. I put down $50 for when they become available. I’ve always looked for years for a good bicycle gas powered engine and I can tell you this is it. I’ve seen a lot of negative comments about this engine but I know this will become popular in the future especially when gas becomes over $5 a gallon. It’s what Ive been looking for.

  13. please get this awsome heavenly power wheel going fast i need i now its the best thing ive ever seen because its so small i no longer have to worry about some scum bad taking my moped because the moped is now in my hands walking down the sreet anywhere i want to take you can take the bike out of the city” but” you cant take the power
    wheel out of my cold steel hands cause if you do i may kill you, lock and load lets get these babys going and keep pumping these babys out because there going roll fast and i dont want to wait to long on some list i live in maui and if it cost to much for airmail i might just fly over to get lock and load on these please dont make us wait a whole year you can call me let me know if theres any way to speed things up 971 255-6295 pat phone on in a week or to thanks

  14. Onthe picture is motor vith one head. It can be very hard to ride, beacuse it looks like there is not good weight replacement. Too heavy on place wher head is located. Mejbe if you put two heads to oposite sides of wheel,… It can be more stabile. And, you have double horsepower. But you go half a way.

  15. i want this wheel as much as i want a girl freind i think this is the best unit out there for you call me and let me know how i can hook up with you i will love you for it thank you 971)255-6295

  16. Wow, I?ve read them all. First 50 mpg is great on a quart of gas .there is no electric bike that will run like that, (without another 4 hour charge). Second, for guy that can average 28 mph on a bike that would make great conversation at the morning meeting. Take a shower you need one. What about Bronson of Maui, I?m no going to touch that one… if your worried about it getting ripped off, get 2 locks front tire thru frame thru back tire. Frame to pillar.
    I?ve been putting engines on bike frames since I was 14 yrs old belt driven (50 now). The only problem they did 60 mph thru the intersection. (Bad thing) this wheeled engine is a great idea. And it will take off. Can?t wait

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  18. I’ll buy. Would like to see a multi-bank version. Diesel? They use ’em in model aircraft. So, why not? Better mileage still yet. Also, Diesel is a Biodiesel engine. The first Diesel was run on peanut oil. Green baby! I’ll buy two. Wonderful. Thank you.

  19. This machine is one of many that has been done over the years. Its not the quickest but from the footage I have seen it is very quiet, mainly because the engine is almost entirely enclosed within the wheel panelling.

    Diesels of this size dont have the power and are alot more complicated to set up.. Lohmann did an 18cc one a few years ago.

    I have a 25.4 CC 2 stroke belt drive kit and I have had it to almost 40mph flat out and done 30+ miles cyclemotoring on 22oz of fuel. Tell me a motorbike that can do that.

    Oh and these engines are all tier 4. No blue smoke, no stink of oil… (unles you spend 15 minutes cranking the thing without realising the kill switch has shorted…Doh!) Jemma xx

  20. Gosh, I guess I’m not with it, I don’t know my country code. Of course not knowing
    my country code means I cannot make any inquires on your new site. Is that good marketing strategy?

  21. They say what goes around comes around ….. am I the only person who remembers the Cyclemaster of the late 50’s? Exactly the same (great) idea, except it was built as a rear wheel, rather than a front. I hope this newer version has solved the problem with the old one, which was best expressed via the equation ‘(rim brakes) + (2 stroke exhaust on the wheel) = accident’. I hope this version is around for longer than the previous generation – hopefully it will manage to survive the environmentalist’s attack on all things 2 stroke!

  22. ahh…too much much money, ahh…a theifs dream…, ahh…I can ride faster than that. You people who make such frivilous comments obviously don’t get it. This invention dosen’t claim to be the cheapest, most secure, or the fastest product.
    QUITE i say.. so put on your big girl panties and recognize that this invention solves alot of problems in the world today, and if everyone was as a poly-poopy-pants about things there would be no innovation. CONGRATS! sweet product.

    P.S. My car was more expensive, costs more to fill up, gets 19 mpg, and oddly enough was stolen last week. can’t wait for my revo

  23. I just read a patent from around 1890 for a hub motor using combustion. This is not a new invention. It was left in the dust back then. Its competition at the time included the electric hub motors and combustion engines with drive trains. Over 100 years, and someone is re-inventing the same thing with modern materials and methods. Do a little research before you claim you invented something.
    This is a nice improvement on the technological implementation. Luckily, others before you have made vast improvements in the combustion engine and material sciences to make this possible. You did a nice job of piecing together the puzzle.

  24. i think it’s cool, by the high gas prices these days, I think that that is a great idea, and it’s really worth the money. sure it problibly won’t completely replace the car, due to weather problems, and the speed, but it the first of it’s kind, I’m sure it will be faster with time. they might even try to fit such wheels with a car, than a car will go 200 or more mpg.


  25. Precisely where and when did you? I want one myself, why is'nt it not already commercially available. Please respond if at all possible with pertinent info, thanx. J,J.

  26. Precisely where and when did you? I want one myself, why is'nt it not already commercially available. Please respond if at all possible with pertinent info, thanx. J,J.

  27. Wow, I would probably buy that for $400. That is awesome. You can take the motor/wheel off and lock the bike up outside, or ride XC on weekends and commute 5 days.

  28. Wow, I would probably buy that for $400. That is awesome. You can take the motor/wheel off and lock the bike up outside, or ride XC on weekends and commute 5 days.

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