Reusable Wallet-Friendly Earplugs

RNID Earplugs (Images courtesy Yanko Design)
By Andrew Liszewski

Since I occasionally rely on my ability to hear for earning a paycheck, I try to keep my eardrums in good working condition. That usually means keeping my headphones at a reasonable level, avoiding monster truck rallies (it was a one-time thing, I swear) and generally avoiding concerts. And while I don’t carry a set of earplugs with me for emergencies, I might be more inclined to if they fit in my wallet like these RNID plugs from designer Shing Lo. With a design that would make IKEA proud, the flat-pack earplugs even come with a set of rubber gaskets to ensure a tight seal when placed in your ears. They can also be returned to the card for storage allowing them to be used again and again, though if they ever make it to the market at a reasonable price, I’m sure they’ll be more popular as a disposable item.

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