Retractable Wristband For Flying Wiimote

wiimote wristbandBy David Ponce

This is a simple wristband that attaches to a Wiimote, and prevents it from being hurled across rooms, and into skulls. I was going to make a fun little writeup about tossing Wiimotes around and that sort of stuff, when I actually decided to look at the product page. Man, this post writes itself. From the site, (sic):

Product Descriptions:
Attach to your Wii remote control and cuff it to your wriste. Cuff the Wii remote control to your wrist with wriste band. Adjustable wriste band with comfortable neoprene material.

Prodcut Features:

* Retractable function
* Adjustable wriste band
* comfortable neoprene material
* Retractable can extend to 13inches
* Wii not included

We can only assume two things: the description somehow got lost in translation, or, these guys are complete morons that don’t even know how to splel. Whatever the case, the wristband costs only $6, so even if they mangle your address on the shipping label and this wristband ends up in Zanzibar, you’ll only have lost a Big Mac-with-fries’ worth of cash.

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