Retractable USB Webcam Saves On Space

By Luke Anderson

You might have noticed that I enjoy communicating via the written word. Those that know me find that I’d much rather send an instant message or email, than talk on the phone or video conference. I’m not really sure why, but I just seem to communicate better online when I can’t be seen or heard. However, some need to have a webcam with them on trips for one reason or another, and for those that don’t want to add to the weight of their laptop case (and don’t have a cam on their notebook), you might want to check out this tiny USB webcam.

I can bet that this won’t be the most high-quality cam on the market, however, you can at least be happy knowing that it’s one of the smallest. What really makes this little device shine is the retractable cord. While that might not seem like a big deal, just imagine trying to wrap up the USB cord on your average webcam. Frankly, the less stray cords you have in your bag the better. It’ll only set you back around $21, so if you need something very basic, this might be worth considering.

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