Residential Car Lifts

Harding Steel Residential Car Lifts (Images courtesy Harding Steel Inc.)
By Andrew Liszewski

So you finally found a great house but that 5-car garage you dreamed of in reality is barely wide enough to store one of your vehicles. Well Denver based Harding Steel, the company behind those metal frameworks you see in large cities that allows stacks of vehicles to be parked in a limited space also has an option for the suburban crowd.

The Car-Lift can be installed in virtually any garage with enough vertical clearance and allows you to drive one car in, raise it almost to the roof and then pull your second car in underneath the first. It’s powered by a 110V power pack that plugs into any wall outlet and is rated to safely lift and store up to 12,000 pounds.

The Car Lift is available in 4 sizes, a wide and narrow tall version and a wide and narrow short version but I have no idea how much any of these will set you back.

[Harding Steel Residential Car Lifts] VIA [Home Improvement Ideas]

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