Researchers Develop Rubber-Like OLED Display

Organic EL Display (Images courtesy The Mainichi Daily News)
By Andrew Liszewski

A group of researchers at the University of Tokyo, led by professor Takao Someya, have developed an organic electroluminescent display that can be stretched and folded like rubber. The new ‘displays’ were created by spraying a layer of carbon nanotubes with a fluoro-rubber compound that results in a conductive material that also happens to be stretchy. At the moment the 10cmx10cm prototype has a resolution of just 256 monochrome pixels, allowing it to display basic imagery, and it’s good for about a thousand folds before the display starts to degrade.

This new material actually makes me wonder if the ‘soft screens’ that Arthur C. Clarke mentions in some of his later works are not that far off, and I’m sure the NBA has to be excited at the prospect of being able to run advertisements on the actual basketballs during a game.

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