Researchers Create Drawings On Water Surface

water surface painting

By David Ponce

Some clever fellas at Akishima Laboratories, in Japan, have come up with a way to “draw” words and pictures on the surface of water, using an enclosure surrounded by 50 wave generators. The image is created by water pixels formed from the simultaneous intersection of all those waves. As you can imagine, a powerful computer is needed to perform the complex Bessel Function calculations involved in creating this effect.

Each letter or drawing remains in the water for a short while only, then fades away, but the machine can reproduce the same image every three seconds.

Of course, at this point, this setup isn’t much more than a proof of concept, and it might take quite some time before it makes it out into the marketplace, if ever. However, we think that this would be a very popular pool accessory, albeit a presumably expensalicious one.

VIA [Gizmowatch]

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  1. Although the usefulness of such an experiment might be questioned now, it might be the foundation of a greater invention to come. After all, the humble nail which “only holds 2 planks together” can be used to build an impressive structure.

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