Replug Breakaway Headphone Cable Is Interim Genius


By Evan Ackerman

ReplugIt happens all the time: you’re rocking out under a pair of headphones, practicing your kickboxing routine or ballroom dancing moves at 3am, and just as you’re in the middle of a jab/uppercut combo or a pirouette, your headphones are rudely ripped from your skull thanks to the cord attached to your computer. Or worse, your iPod gets tossed into the next county. You’d think there would be a simple solution to this problem, and there is… A magnetic headphone connector. It’s much like the magnetic power plug you find on newer Macs: if the cord gets jerked, the magnets simply separate, sparing your electronics and head a lot of grief. The Replug is an adapter that sits right between your headphones and audio jack, and will fit just about any 3.5mm connectors.

ReplugIt’s genius. So why interim? Well, I’m pessimistic about cables in general, or rather, I’m optimistic about the progression of wireless tech. Whether or not it breaks away without jerking you around, cables are still an annoyance, and they’re so close to being obsolete what with bluetooth, high bandwidth WiFi, and wireless power all on the verge of being universally practical. In the meantime, though, Replug can be yours before the end of the year for an undisclosed price (but probably cheap).

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14 thoughts on “Replug Breakaway Headphone Cable Is Interim Genius”

  1. It’s a start, but only halfway there. The one time it happened to me, I tried to straighten up while SITTING ON THE CABLE.

    Tragus tragedy! (Sigh. Probably no one’s ever going to get that pun.)

  2. What a bloody good idea – I hope it doesn’t end up costing too much. I can also see bits getting stuck in jack when it gets disconnected in your pocket (when not in use), meaning the connection might not be so great.

  3. It is a cool design but really is just a utilization of current Mac power cord tech. Rather then worrying about cords I went with Bluetooth A2DP tech. Rechargeable battery with impressive life, decent coverage, and most important- no dangling cords. But you also can only use it with Bluetooth supported items.

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