Replica Supertankers Make Me Want To Go Back To School

Replica Supertankers (Images courtesy The Daily Mail)
By Andrew Liszewski

I never thought I’d ever want to go back to school again, but the captains-in-training at the Warsash Maritime Academy in England have to start out on these amazing supertanker replicas before they ever get the chance to pilot the real thing. And with a price tag of over $240,000, you’re actually better off strapping a lawn chair to the RC Titanic replica I wrote about on the weekend, then trying to buy one of these for your own amusement. But replicas or not, apparently piloting these miniature supertankers can provide plenty of useful experience for the real thing, without the fear of causing the next Exxon Valdez disaster because you spent the night before your big exam partying.

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