Replacement Headrest DVD Player And NES/SNES Emulator

7 Inch Headrest DVD Player with Emulator + FM Transmitter (Images courtesy Chinavasion)
By Andrew Liszewski

Here’s another 3rd party in-car AV entertainment system that swaps out the headrests on the front seats for a pair of DVD player equipped replacements. I kind of like this solution since you’re not dealing with ugly mounting straps that never seem to properly hold an LCD display in place, and they have a zip-up cover making them pretty much disappear when not in use.

Both units can be paired meaning you can watch a single DVD movie across both displays, and it’s got a built-in FM transmitter for piping the sound through your car’s speaker system. But what I like most is that each unit also doubles as an NES/SNES emulator when you plug in a set of generic gamepads, and it even comes with a CD full of 550+ classic ROMS of questionable legality. Nothing like living on the edge right? Other features include DIVX compatibility, headphone jacks, a wireless remote, composite AV inputs, SD card reader and even a USB port for accessing multimedia content. ~$175 for the pair from Chinavasion.

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