Remote Control Transforming Amphibious Tank

RC Amphibious Tank (Image courtesy Drinkstuff)
By Andrew Liszewski

This remote control tank isn’t much to look at, but if you’re staging a miniature backyard war you’ll definitely want it on your side. On land, the independently controlled left and right wheels allow it to quickly turn 360° but with the push of a button on the remote they’ll actually fold up, turning the tank into a powerboat.

RC Amphibious Tank (Images courtesy Drinkstuff)

But what good is a tank if it can’t take out enemy targets? That’s why this tank’s forward facing turret can fire 6mm ‘bullets’ almost 100 feet. Perfect for taking down enemy styrofoam cups, or insidious looking paper plates. And as an added bonus, in land mode the tank can even carry 4 aluminum cans for restocking the troops on the front line.

You can find it at for about $81.

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3 thoughts on “Remote Control Transforming Amphibious Tank”

  1. I’m all for toys that can actually shoot, but with a range of 100 feet there’s a good chance you would have given your left eye whether you wanted to or not.

  2. Interesting war strategy. Use your tanks to bring the enemy a few beers. Indeed, the world would be a so much better place this way.

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