Remote Control Knight Industries Two Thousand

Remote Control Knight Rider (Images courtesy Firebox)
By Andrew Liszewski

I never knew that KITT was actually an acronym for ‘Knight Industries Two Thousand.’ I assume that was probably explained in the show’s first episode which I never saw, but I’m glad to have some closure after all these years.

More loyal fans of the show who never missed an episode will probably already have their credit cards ready to order this remote control version of Michael Knight’s sassy partner. As far as RC cars go it’s actually kind of lame, with basic forwards, backwards and turning capabilities, as well as a ‘turbo-boost’ option. But there’s no denying that the inclusion of the swooshing sound effect and red LEDs sweeping across the front totally makes up for it.

The remote control KITT is available from Firebox for about $62. I’ve also included a video of it in action after the jump. At first I got excited because I thought I saw David Hasselhoff in the background, but it actually turned out to be just a chair.

[ RC Knight Rider ] VIA [ GeekAlerts ]